Sunday, September 23, 2018


Bobby on the red carpet.
Last night, I attended the concert of one of my favorite bands that I still can't believe aren't considered rock royalty the world over. That's right, I'm talking about Texas' own Dale Jepson and The Nighthawks. I remember listening to them as a kid, or at least I think I do. When I heard they were making a rare appearance at Mule Camp Tavern in Gainesville, Georgia to premiere a documentary on the band, I knew I had to be there. Boy, was I surprised when they also showed up to play along with their opening act, DDC, who were also damned good.

The big highlight for me was being recognized and asked to walk the red carpet, which, I won't lie, did not suck at all. It was a cool moment.

I snapped some photos from the event and had a great time.

Learn more about Dale Jepson and The Nighthawks HERE.


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I got to meet the man himself, Dale Jepson.

Dale's roadie and on again/off again son, Buck Swiftly kept saying he was a movie star so I
snapped a selfie with him. I was afraid he was going to charge me$5 for it

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