Sunday, April 15, 2018


The class.
I visited with the art class at OCAF, the Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation Art Center in Watkinsville, GA on Saturday, April 14th. It was a lot of fun. My friend, Alan Black hosts this class and I was thrilled to talk to them about how comics are created.

In the photos, the faces of the kids in the class were obscured at the request of the instructor due to permission issues. I have also chosen to respect his wishes int he photos I took at the event.

Alan Black, the class instructor.
I gave a brief presentation about creating comics and then worked with the students to help them create and draw a 6 panel story of their very own using their character, Binky The Clown. Binky is an evil entity that the kids have fought off before in previous class projects. In this story, Binky escapes hell to get his revenge.

Those kids are very creative.
And happy. Check out those smiles.

Learn more about the Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation Art Center at

If You Can Hold a Pencil... You Can Cartoon
With Robert Alan Black, PhD
The goal in the class is to help you begin to create your own cartoon characters, panels, strips and have fun doing it during each class. Students will focus on cartoons while learning to draw or improve their drawing skills. Class exercises, challenges & one-on-one time will also help you begin to capture your own humor in drawings.


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Bobby talks about the fun of creating comics.

Working on the project.

Working on the project.

Working on the project.

The project features a returning villain: Binky The Clown. He's evil!

Panel 1. Binky escapes the fires of hell to seek revenge on the kids who beat him before.

Panel 2. Binky gives chase. The kids run,

Panel 3. One of the kids trips and falls.

Panel 4. Binky swoops in for the kill.

Panel 5. The other kids leap to their fallen friend's aid, fighting off Binky.

Editing the story.

Bobby demonstrates going from comic book script to art.

Happy class.

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