Monday, December 18, 2017


My table at ACC, including the new Sanderson of Metro.

My precious.
As always, I had an amazing time at the Atlanta Comic Convention aka ACC to the regulars. Wes Tillander and David Tillander put on one hell of a show and I thank them for having me on for another year. As the December ACC comes to an end, so does my LO' THERE SHALL COME A CON TOUR 2017 tour. That was a lot of fun.

Now, we need a name for 2018's appearance tour. Toss out your best tour name ideas. If I use yours, you'll get a prize of some kind. Hit me with your best shot.

The next ACC will be held March 18, 2018.
I hope to see you there.
The $5,000 worth of merchandise giveawayCongratulations to the winner.

Me hawking books courtesy of Michael Gordon

An action pose courtesy of James Burns.

Picked up this nifty cool shield and the novel, The Great Gold Steal.
Both are quite awesome. Great finds.
Thanks again for another fantastic convention year! I'm already starting to ramp up 2018!

Stay tuned.


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