Friday, October 20, 2017


A BIG THANK YOU to author Darrell Grizzle for his kind words and amazing 5 STAR Amazon review of my Fightcard: Barefoot Bones novella. It is greatly appreciated, sir. This title is still available in paperback and ebook.

"Barefoot Bones is a wartime boxing story, set during the Korean War, about a scrappy young soldier and boxer who picked up the nickname Barefoot Bones while growing up poor in the North Georgia mountains. This is a fast-paced action story that is also a coming-of-age story as we learn about Bones’ past. In the tradition of the pulp paperbacks of the 1950’s, Barefoot Bones is a highly entertaining novella by a master of modern pulp fiction, Bobby Nash (writing as Jack Tunney)."

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Thanks again, Darrell. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I had great fun working with Paul and Mel at Fightcard Books. They put out a fine collection of fight fiction. I had intended to write a second Fightcard novella, but time and deadlines got the better of me, as they so often do. Eventually, the Fightcard line ended, but there are well over 20 novellas out there for your enjoyment by some amazingly talented writers working under the Jack Tunney house name. You should check them out.

You can also read this old blog post where I share my thoughts on crafting Fight Card: Barefoot Bones and see what it was like strapping on Jack Tunney’s gloves. You can find that here.

By the way, "a master of modern pulp fiction, Bobby Nash" is totally going on my resume. HA! HA!


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ebook cover
A Fight Fiction novel by Bobby Nash writing as Jack Tunney

Korea, 1951

Mentored in the hollows of hardscrabble Georgia by mysterious loner Old Man Winter, then in a Chicago orphanage by ex-fighter Father Tim Brophy, James ‘Barefoot Bones’ Mason has relied on his fists to make his way. But it’s a long way from St. Vincent’s Asylum For Boys to the battlefields of Korea where Bones’ fists may not be enough.

paperback cover
Entered in an inter-camp boxing tournament by his commanding officer, Bones finds himself in a war within a war. When a tenuous cease fire is explosively shattered, Bone’s is fighting against the highest odds of all – staying alive.
Can a skinny kid from the north Georgia mountains survive the hell of Korea and still have the guts to climb back into the ring one more time? The one constant in Bones’ life has been fighting – Lucky for him… he’s good at it.

FIGHT CARD: BAREFOOT BONES can be purchased at the following:

Amazon (Paperback)
Barnes and Noble (paperback)
Mighty Ape NZ (paperback)
BookAdda India (paperback)
Bookwire (paperback)
Books-A-Million (paperback)
Amazon (Kindle) ebook
Fight Fiction Publisher, Fight Card Books has released Fight Card: Barefoot Bones. Fight Card: Barefoot Bones is a written by pulpmeister Bobby Nash, the 2013 Pulp Ark Award winner for Best Author, writing under the Fight Card house name of Jack Tunney. Under a cover by David Foster and edits by Fight Card co-creator Paul Bishop, Barefoot Bones is a knockout! Learn more about Fight Card Books here.

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