Thursday, August 10, 2017


I don't really have what you might call major #writerproblems, but it is a popular hashtag so we'll see if it leads any folks here. Today's post is a few assorted odds and ends I posted to social media and wanted to share here as well.

First off, I started doing that most writerly of duties... cleaning the office. It's amazing how cluttered my writing space can become. It's also amazing what treasures you find when cleaning the office. Notes from stories and podcasts from almost 4 years ago. No wonder that bottom shelf was so dusty. Like I said, #writerproblems Ha!

There is so much truth in this. Believe me.

Hey, Netflix! Just an FYI. My catalog and I can also be bought. Just putting that out there in case you're still browsing.

Lastly, here's a thing I made. This is Al. Al needs reviews and so does your favorite author. Please take a moment to leave a review for the last book you enjoyed. It only takes a moment and can be as easy as "I liked this book. 4 stars!" Won't you help? It costs you nothing, but means the world to the creators involved. Thank you. We now return you to your regularly scheduled social media, already in progress.

Have a great day.


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