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Welcome to June, Patrons.
Cover: Mark Maddox
Today, I sent my Patrons a free ebook story at This month's story is "Change of Station" from the Earth Station One Tales of the Station anthology. Next week, Patrons will also receive SNOW DRIVE upon its release. These patron perks and more can be yours too. Join us at and pledge $5 or more a month and you're in! Up next, I'll do this month's free patron giveaway drawing!

Earth Station One Tales of the Station is a fundraising anthology to help out the ESO Broadcast Network keep podcasting. All proceeds go into station operations. Get yours today at and enjoy the ESO network of shows at

A little about Earth Station One. ESO is a podcast and also a network of podcasts (20 or so shows on the ESO Network at present, I believe). For 3 years or so, I was one of the co-hosts of the Earth Station One podcast (the mothership, as some of the hosts of the other shows on the network call it). It was a fun show and I had a great time co-hosting with ESO Director Mike Faber and “Howdy” Mike Gordon each week. Unfortunately, real life got in the way, as it does and I had to give up something and my options were podcasting or writing so I stepped away as an official co-host in September of 2015 to concentrate on my writing career. I have popped on the show a few times as a guest since then and I talk to Mike and Mike on a fairly regular basis.

The Earth Station One: Tales of The Station anthology was conceived as a fundraising effort to help bring in a few dollars to help upgrade the network servers, buy new microphones, etc. All stories are written by ESO Broadcast Network hosts or personalities, including some award-winners. I was still a co-host when I wrote my story. Here’s the official synopsis:

A Sci-Fi Anthology

New Legend Productions is proud to publish Earth Station One: Tales of the Station, an anthology featuring stories about the crew of the ESO Network podcast by Dr. Scott Viguie, Bobby Nash, Van Allen Plexico, Joe Crowe, and Michael Gordon. Introduction by Director Mike Faber. Cover art by Mark Maddox.

If you would like to read more, EARTH STATION ONE: TALES OF THE STATION is available from Amazon in paperback here--

You can also find the book in the ESO amazon Store here--
At this time, there is not an ebook version available.


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