Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Big Thanks to Funtony47 for his 5 Star Amazon Review of The Peregrine Omnibus Vol. 3 from Pro Se Productions. Many thanks, Tony. We're glad you enjoyed it. The Peregrine Omnibus Vol. 3 features a story by me called "Where there's smoke..." You can see it below or read the full review here.

This 3rd volume of tales of the Peregrine is different. Here we get many different authors giving their take on the character. I actually loved this as it brought different insight into the character as other authors explored him. The different styles was interesting as well and gave me a chance to see new authors. It is alo worth noting that so many authors felt the desire to pay homage to this character of new pulp and helps cement Reese's star firmly into the constellation of new pulp's history !

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A pulp anthology

"Where the Good is Swallowed by the Dark... There the PEREGRINE Shall Plant His Mark!" New Voices guide the Peregrine through dark dreams and savage foes! Max Davies has pursued an ongoing mission of justice and vengeance guided by dark dreams and violent visions that compel him to don the mask of THE PEREGRINE. The creation of award winning Genre Fiction author Barry Reese, the amazing adventures of the Peregrine have been devoured by a loyal audience who await Max's next adventure in the ever expanding REESE UNLIMITED universe.

THE PEREGRINE OMNIBUS VOLUME THREE brings together an all star line up of New Pulp's finest who lend their distinct voices to the narrative of Reese's signature hero. Fly into action with Reese, Bobby Nash, Ron Fortier, Mike Bullock, Tommy Hancock, Percival Constantine, Russ Anderson, David White, Sean Taylor, Adam Lance Garcia, and James Palmer in THE PEREGRINE OMNIBUS VOLUME THREE! Featuring an awe inspiring cover by legendary artist Norm Breyfogle and cover design and print formatting by Sean E. Ali, THE PEREGRINE OMNIBUS VOLUME THREE is available now.

The Peregrine Omnibus Vol. 3 features Bobby Nash's "Where there's Smoke..." originally printed in Tales of The Rook Vol. 1. Since then, the character's name has been changed and the stories re-released under the character's new name, The Peregrine. Tales of The Rook is currently out of print.

THE PEREGRINE OMNIBUS VOLUME THREE is now available for pre-order in paperback and ebook at the following:
Amazon (paperback)
Amazon Kindle (ebook)
Smashwords (ebook)

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