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And welcome to the first Nash News of 2017! As always, I appreciate you taking the time to read my ramblings and keep up with my antics on social media, and for keeping up with all the Nash News at

I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and had a fantastic New Years celebration. Or, if you were like me, I sat home and watched episodes of Leverage on DVD while I waited for the midnight phone call from my Dad. Boy, do I know how to party or what?

Let’s kick off the New Year with some cool news that I am very excited to announce--

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Let’s kick off the New Year with some cool news that I am very excited to announce--


SNOW IS BACK! One of the questions I get asked most often is “When will we get another Snow story?” I’m excited to say that I now have an answer. 

SNOW STORM is now on sale! BEN Books has released the first Abraham Snow adventure on Kindle at Amazon. SNOW STORM will premiere February 1, 2017 and will be available for pre-order later this week. Looks for SNOW DRIVE is a few months.

Here’s the official press release:


“Sometimes half an inch is all that stands between life and death.”

BEN Books is pleased to announce that it has acquired the rights to award-winning author Bobby Nash’s crime/adventure series, SNOW and has released SNOW FALLS on Kindle ebook at Amazon. SNOW follows the novella-length adventures of former government agent turned do-gooder, Abraham Snow. The first story, SNOW is now available. New adventures begin in 2017 with the eagerly anticipated SNOW STORM in February, followed by SNOW DRIVE a few months later with a print book coming in 2017 as well.

“I am extremely excited to re-launch the SNOW series for 2017,” says Nash of his creation. “This cast of characters in SNOW FALLS has become quite dear to me and readers since the original release. The question I get asked most often is, ‘when’s the next Snow coming out?’ Now, we finally have an answer.”

SNOW FALLS is now available here--

Artist Dennis Calero’s cover art for Snow Falls will continue to grace the covers to the series. Learn more about Dennis Calero and his work at

You can learn more about SNOW at
You can learn more about author Bobby Nash at

SNOW FALLS was originally released in March 2014 by Jeffrey Weber’s The Stark Raving Group and featured a beautiful cover is illustrated by Dennis Calero with the title and author treatment handled by Bob Wynne, and edits by Gary Phillips. “I am extremely grateful to Jeff and the crew at Stark Raving for launching Abraham Snow’s adventures and introducing audiences to Snow Falls,” says Nash of the series’ origin. “Snow was created for that market originally. Without them, we might not be making this announcement today. Thank you for getting this Snow Ball rolling.”

Abraham Snow’s career ended with a single shot. Left for dead, the undercover operative barely survived an assassin’s bullet. After a long and painful recovery, Snow retires. He returns home to rest and recuperate only to get swept up in the family business, one just as dangerous as his previous profession. When he thwarts an assassination attempt on a diplomat that endangers his sister, Snow leaps into action to keep his family out of a highly trained killer’s crosshairs.

SNOW FALLS is the first book in the continuing adventures of Abraham Snow.

Snow’s former partner, Brooks, also a retired operative now working as a p.i., arrives in Atlanta with a problem. His latest case has gotten him into some trouble with some bad people and needs Snow’s help to get out of it before two rival families start a shooting war.

You can learn more about SNOW at
You can learn more about author Bobby Nash at

SNOW FALLS is an adrenaline-filled adventure thriller from award-winning author Bobby Nash and the first in a series of action-packed adventures featuring Abraham Snow and friends. Abraham Snow will return in SNOW STORM February 1, 2017.

SNOW FALLS is now available here--



After the Snow question, another questions I get often is “what can we do to help or support your writing?” My go to answer is usually, “buy some books, especially the novels as I get a steady royalty from each one sold. Now, I have another answer to offer. 

Please visit my Patreon page at

Patreon, for those who are not familiar, is the modern day version of patron of the arts. Anyone who is a fan of artists, writers, musicians, actors, filmmakers, painters, etc. can pledge to donate a certain amount to their Patreon page each month to help them support themselves while they create art. These pledges can be from as low as $1 a month to whatever. The creator also offers perks for those donations. In my case, it’s giving away a book a month and some art, exclusive blog posts and maybe eventually, a podcast. You can see all of the perks offered on mine at

Whether you pledge or not, I thank you all again for your continued support.

I'll be announcing the monthly Patreon free art winner later tonight.



A few projects that were released since we talked last.

By Bobby Nash

Way back in 2005, Airship 27 Productions launched a new series of pulp adventures featuring aviation hero, Lance Star.  One of the four writers recruited for that first volume was Bobby Nash, who quickly found himself completely enamored with the gutsy World War I veteran flyer.  Enough so that in the subsequent three volumes that would follow, Bobby made sure to provide a new story for each.

“It was clear to us,” admits Airship 27 Productions Managing Editor Ron Fortier, “that Bobby had a special love for this character.  Enough so that we transferred the copyrights to him.  Soon thereafter Bobby wrote and had published the first ever Lance Star comic book.”

When Nash approached Fortier a few years ago about publishing the first ever full length Lance Star novel, both parties were immediately on board with the idea.  That novel, tentatively titled – COLD SNAP, should be out sometime in 2017.  To promote its arrival, Airship 27 Productions has collected all four of Bobby Nash’s previously published Lance Star tales in this Kindle Only Edition.  Besides collecting those great pulp stories, this digital collection also includes the first chapter of Nash’s novel as a special bonus feature.

“We’re excited about Bobby’s plans for Lance Star,” concludes Fortier.  “We hope this collection will spur renewed interest in this great high flying hero.  Believe me, with a rising talent like Bobby Nash, the best is always yet to come.”


THE ADVENTURES OF LANCE STAR - SKY RANGER can be purchased on Kindle at Amazon.



A few upcoming projects to keep an eye on in the coming weeks and months. At least the ones I can announce at this time. There is an anthology due out in January that I’ll announce once the publisher does.

Snow’s former partner, Brooks, also a retired operative now working as a p.i., arrives in Atlanta with a problem. His latest case has gotten him into some trouble with some bad people and needs Snow’s help to get out of it before two rival families start a shooting war. Published by BEN Books. Coming February 2017 from BEN Books.

Bobby’s second straight to ebook feature for Pro Se Productions is slated for 2016. Are you ready for CRIMSON MOON? This one features vampires, werewolves, a prophecy, a party, a few surprises, and other assorted creatures of the night. You won’t want to miss it. This is the first of a trilogy of stories featuring these characters. Coming 2017 from Pro Se Productions.

A novel by Bobby Nash. Coming 2017 from Airship 27 Productions.
The first Lance Star: Sky Ranger novel sees the Sky Rangers in action during World War II. Sent on a mission to uncover and destroy a Nazi super-weapon being built in the Arctic Circle, Lance and company find themselves facing off against one of their oldest foes.

Collecting all of the published and unpublished Lance Star: Sky Ranger comic book stories in one volume. Coming 2017 from BEN Books.

A novel by Bobby Nash and Frank Dirscherl. Coming mid-2017 from Trinity Comics.
Learn the secrets of The Wraith as the lives of Paul Sanderson, Michael Reeves, and The Wraith are intertwined in an all-new novel retelling of the origin of The Dread Avenger of The Underworld.

A novel by Bobby Nash. Coming 2017 from Moonstone Books. The Avenger and Justice, Inc. tackle corrupt politicians, a secret society, and an ancient evil that threatens the world.

NIGHTVEIL (as yet untitled novel)
A novel featuring AC Comics heroine, Nightveil by Bobby Nash. Coming late 2017 from Pro Se Productions.

A novel by Bobby Nash. Published by BEN Books. 
The long-awaited sequel to EVIL WAYS is finally coming out in 2017.



My 2017 appearances are starting to fill up. Here’s where I’ll be the first few months of the year. 

The Atlanta Comic Convention on Sunday, February 5, 2017 in Atlanta, GA. (11 - 5)

Columbus Comic Book Show on Sunday, February 26, 2017 in Columbus, GA (at the Coca Cola Space Science Center) 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Murfreesboro Anime and Comic Kon on March 4 - 5, 2017 in Murfreesboro, TN.

The Savannah Quill Book Convention on Saturday, March 11, 2017 in Savannah, GA. (Rescheduled from 2016).

SC Comicon on March 25 - 26, 2017 in Greenville, SC.

FarleyCon on April 29, 2017 in East Ridge, TN.

Get full list of shows and my panel schedules at under the Convention/Appearances tab. ​I love attending conventions. I’ve already attended a few cons this year, but I’m just getting started. If you’re at any of these shows, please stop by and say hello. 


​INTERVIEWS (Sometimes I get asked stuff…)

Sometimes I Get Asked Stuff… remains a very popular segment on the website and I have a lot of questions answered that I need to get uploaded. You can catch up on any of them you might have missed at



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Happy Reading and Happy New Year!


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