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Earth Station One's Ron Fortier gives us the lowdown on the Sherlock Holmes and Domino Lady trade collection from Moonstone Books. Read the full review here.

Edited by Joe Gentile
Moonstone Press
120 pages
Normally we don’t care for “hybrid” publications. By that we refer to books that have comics strips and prose stories mixed together between two covers; neither a full out graphic novel or a traditional prose anthology. And yet, as the old saying wisely dictates, for every rule there is always an exception. “Sherlock Holmes – Domino Lady” from Moonstone Press is that oh so rare, wonderful exception.

Edited by Joe Gentile, it reprints an earlier two-issue Domino Lady adventure by Nancy Holder and Bobby Nash, only now it is in full color, as are the other two short strips in this package. That in itself is a welcome upgrade to what was already a marvelous story. Next we have two short prose pieces, one by Nash and the other by Holder. Spaced between these is a solo Holmes strip Gentile and then the book wraps up with a solo Domino Lady strip by James Chambers and artist Scott P. “Doc” Vaughn. If you are unfamiliar with Vaughn, he does a great pulp sci-fi webstrip called “Warbirds of Mars” and is no slouch when it comes to drawing sexy 1940s style pin-up beauties. Thus his doing Domino Lady was an editorial stroke of genius.

Cap it all off with a gorgeous cover by the amazing Mike Fyles and you have a truly unique, fun and beautiful book any pulp fan would love to have in his or her collection. As for the book’s overall theme, the pairing of a 70 year old Holmes and the vivacious, alluring Ellen Patrick from Los Angeles…well, honestly, it works a whole lot better than one could possibly imagine. A tip of the pulp fedora to Moonstone Press. Here’s wishing for more such hybrids. You may make a believer out of us yet.

Or you can read the full review here.

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Cover art: Mike Fyles
Published by Moonstone Books

This new trade paperback collection contains a brand new Domino Lady comic story, a brand new Holmes/Domino prose story by Bobby Nash, a Holmes/Domino Lady prose story by Nancy Holder with NEW illustrations, reprints Sherlock Holmes/Domino Lady issues#1 and 2, and The Holmes Holiday Special story!

Written by Bobby Nash and Nancy Holder
Art by Reno Maniquis, Nick Diaz, and Mike Fyles.
Cover price: $14.95

Or you can order a copy from the following:
Moonstone Books (paperback)
Comixology (paperback)
Amazon (paperback)
Amazon UK (paperback)
Barnes and Noble (paperback)
Books-A-Million (paperback)
Forbidden Planet (paperback)
MyComicShop.Com (paperback)
Book Depository (paperback)
Things From Another World (paperback)
Also available in comic book shops and wherever your favorite books are sold!

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