Monday, October 24, 2016


The 2nd Annual Sci-Fi and Fantasy Festival was, as advertised, a 3-day event with 3 times the geeky, nerdy fun as last year's event. This year the Hoover Library partnered with my friends from the Alabama Phoenix Festival and Kingdom Comics to bring Alabama a Festival weekend they wont soon forget. I know I won't.

Big thanks once again to all involved with the event for taking such good care of us. It was a fun weekend and I had a blast. Highlights for me include Friday night's Whose Line Is It Anyway? which was totally improved as the person running it was unable to attend. We might right playful fools of ourselves, but the audience had a good laugh so it was totally worth it. Saturday night's Match Game was amazing. Probably the biggest thrill of my weekend, The final panel of the weekend had Van Allen Plexico and I discussing crime noir and science fiction and how the two meet was enlightening and fun. Van and I have also decided that we
need to record a White Rocket Podcast episode soon talking about Harry Bosch in books and TV. Should be a lot of fun. Artist Alley included several friends including Van, my Operation: Silver Moon partner in crime, Rick Johnson, Lysa Shin, David Wright, Ali Duke, Patrick Giles, and more. Please forgive me if I forgot anyone. I also met a few authors and artists for the first time as well as some friends from the Birmingham area who stopped by to say hello.

As I understand it, there are plans to do it again next year. If you get the chance to attend, I highly recommend it. Or, if you just happen to be in the Birmingham/Hoover are, stop by the incredible Hoover Library. I wish we had one like it here.

Thanks again.


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My table.

On the road again...

I had so much __(BLANK)__ fun playing Match Game!

Who ya gonna call?

Van Allen Plexico

"Special" guest.  :)

does whatever a spider can...

The audience starts rolling in for Whose Line...

Rick Johnson

The library at night.


Bobby's nameplate.

This was tired Bobby after he drove home Sunday evening.

Hoover Public Library and Alabama Phoenix Festival
Presents The 2nd Annual Sci/Fi Fantasy Fest!
Hoover Library is proud to announce that we are partnering with the Alabama Phoenix Festival to bring you the second annual Sci/Fi Fantasy Fest in October 2016 at the Hoover Library! By joining forces with APF we will be able to tap directly into Alabama’s Fandom Community in order to bring you a celebration of all things fantastic and extraordinary!
The Hoover Library and APF are using their combined resources to bring you artisans, creators, actors, writers, and an assortment of some of the most gifted individuals from throughout the universe in a weekend you will tell your grand-cybernetic beings about.
There will be panels on Star Wars, Trek, Comics, Costuming, Fables and Fairy Tales, Gaming and much, much more! There will be guest panelists, professional writers, artists, cosplayers and performers as well!
The best part of all, is…it’s FREE.
We encourage you to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and our websites as we update you on guests, times, panels, and everything else we can pack into the weekend! #hplapf
We want you to join us in creating one of the best convention weekends Alabama has ever seen! Get your capes and tights ready, fine tune your lightsabers, and ready the warp drive.

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