Tuesday, July 12, 2016


I was a guest at LibertyCon 29 over the weekend. It was my first time attending this convention and I had a rather good time there. LibertyCon is a small literary convention that caps its registration at 750, that's guests, vendors, and attendees. This type of show if often referred to as a relaxi-con as it is more laid back than the larger shows like SDCC or DragonCon. I got to spend a good deal of time with other writers and friends like John G. Hartness, Darrin Kennedy, David B. Coe, Allen Kemp, Gail Z. Martin, Martin and Leah Powell, Robby and Leigh Hilliard, Jeremy Hicks, Doug Dandridge, Clint and Stephanie Hall, and more I'm sure I'll remember as soon as I hit post.

The guest list was comprised primarily of authors. I did some interesting panels starting with the Writing For Comics panel with pals Martin Powell and Jonathan Maberry as well as Brett Brooks, John Holmes, and Sevan Paris. A great way to kick off the con. I had a reading, but it was not well attended, which is sadly not unusual. I also joined Stephanie Osborn, Martin Powell, and Dan Thompson in a great panel on Writing Sherlock Holmes. On the final panel of the weekend, I looked at the Cultural Significance of the Zombie Apocalypse with John Holmes, Daniel Hoyt, Bill Swears, and Mark Wandrey. All in all, some fun panels with great conversation. The Sunday morning Kaffeeklatsch was an interesting experience.

I also sold some books on Saturday, which is always a nice bonus before capping Saturday night watching the Atlanta Radio Theater Company perform live. That was a hoot. They are great. If you ever get the chance to catch one of ARTC's shows, I highly recommend it.

I had to cut out a bit early on Sunday so I missed my autograph session. Sorry to anyone I missed, but it couldn't be helped.

A fun weekend at a fun con.


More photos below. Click

My badge

Mt table on Saturday from 12 - 3.

Authors John Hartness and Darrin Kennedy signing.

The historic Chattanooga Choo Choo!

Authors Alley as seen from my table.

The Atlanta Radio Theater Company perform.

The Atlanta Radio Theater Company perform.

The Choo Choo at night.

That was fun, LibertyCon. Thanks for having me.

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