Friday, May 20, 2016


I was surprised to learn that this ebook story of mine is still
available for free.

From the Pen of Bobby Nash

Freelancer - The Traveler Sanction
Published by Pro Se Productions.

When trouble rears its ugly head and you’ve no one left to turn to,
call in a specialist. It’s time to call in The Freelancer. When the
Secretary of Defense’s daughter is kidnapped, the Freelancer is called in to rescue her, but is there something more sinister afoot and will this mysterious heroine figure it out in time?

From the Pen of Bobby Nash, Book 1: Freelancer - The Traveler Sanction is a done in one story. No to be continued, just a simple,
self-contained story and did I mention it's free? Get yours now at 
Smashwords and Barnes and NobleSadly, it is not free at Amazon (but only $0.99).

I hope you'll check it out before the publisher realizes and ups the price.


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