Thursday, March 17, 2016


Bobby Nash reads
I joined a large group of writers on Sean Taylor's Author Roundtable segment at his Bad Girls, Good Guys, and Two-Fisted Action blog. This week's topic asks the question, do working writers still have time to read?

From the site?
It's said over and over again... Writers read. But, just how true is it? We went to a group of published authors and asked them to get real about just how often they pick up a book and read (and how and when they do that).

This week's questions:

Stephen King reads
How often do you actually read? (Not wish you read, or would like to have readers think you read, but actually, truly read.) How often do you read a book, as opposed to smaller options like newspapers or magazines?
Where and how do you do most of your reading? Do you set aside time for a long read before bed, for example? Or do you snag the time available with an e-book while taking a kid to the dentist or on a break from a day job?

What percentage of your reading is printed books? What percentage is using digital formats? Do find having options like digital give you more opportunities to indulge in reading?

You can read all of the answers here.

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