Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Pencils: Wendell Cavalcanti. Inks: Rob Jones

Pencils: Wendell Cavalcanti
Another week means another Strong Will sneak peek. This is one of my favorite panels from the book. I really latched onto this panel when I first saw the pencils. Mike Gordon forwarded me the inked panel yesterday and it still remains one of my favorite shots of Will, the title character from the book. I am so excited to see this project nearing it's conclusion so we can get it out to the readers.

Written by Bobby Nash & Michael Gordon.
Pencils: Wendell Cavalcanti.
Inks: Rob Jones.
Cover: Mark Maddox.
Published by New Legend Productions in association with BEN Books.
Coming soon.

Stay tuned for more about Strong Will as soon as we can talk about it. The pages after the jump are from the Strong Will convention preview special.

Click Read More... below to learn more about Strong Will and read a few pages from the upcoming graphic novel.
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