Thursday, February 11, 2016


The EXCLUSIVE Hardcover of The Black Bat Returns is now available. Get yours today from Moonstone Books! You can find it here

A Pulp Anthology.

The original Black Bat returns in this thrilling collection of all NEW action-crime stories! Read the character that was created at the SAME TIME as Batman! Ex-District Attorney Tony Quinn is blinded in a courtroom assault! He now seeks justice outside of the law as the relentless hero who can see in the dark: The Black Bat!

Guest-starring: The Green Lama, Domino Lady, and Golden Amazon!

Stories by Ron Fortier, Bobby Nash, Adam L. Garcia, Colin B. Harvey, Sean Taylor, James Palmer, David Boop, David White, and Josh Vogt!
Cover art (both versions): Mike Fyles
Edited by: Joe Gentile and Kimberly Perisin

Bobby's story for The Black Bat Returns is called "Dead By Dawn."
Hired mercenaries ambush District Attorney Tony Quinn and Carol Baldwin while the crime-fighting duo are out enjoying a relaxing night on the town. The hired guns thought it would be an easy assignment, taking down a blind lawyer, his socialite girlfriend, and their driver. Little did they know that the DA is also the masked vigilante known as The Black Bat... and The Black Bat is prepared to show them the error of their ways.

THE BLACK BAT RETURNS is available in hardcover, paperback, and ebook  from the following:
Moonstone Books (exclusive hardcover)     Moonstone Books (paperback)
Amazon (paperback)                                  Amazon UK (paperback)
Amazon CA (paperback)                            Barnes and Noble (paperback)
Amazon (Kindle)                                          Barnes and Noble (Nook Book)
Amazon UK (Kindle)                                   Amazon CA (Kindle)
And wherever your favorite books are sold.

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