Thursday, July 31, 2014


One of the great things about social media is the special events that get created. One of the popular ones going around these days is Throwback Thursday, which is usually accompanied by the hashtags: #ThrowbackThursday and #TBT.

I've been sharing Throwback Thursday photos on my Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages for a few weeks now and realized that I should also share them here so please enjoy this week's Throwbacks. Thanks for joining me for this short walk down memory lane. Also, if you're not already, please follow me on social media at any of the links above.

Happy Thursday!


Time to throwback some Thursday. Blake Wilkie and I at Dragon Con in 2004 promoting Shadow One, a book that sadly never came together. #TBT

Another #ThrowbackThursday to early 2005. My old day job did an article on me and a couple other writers for the company newsletter. Evil Ways was still a couple months away from being released so I used this mock up cover. #TBT

One last #ThrowbackThursday for this week. Not sure when this one was taken, probably around 2004/2005. Promoting the Fuzzy Bunnies From Hell comic books. #TBT

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