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Bobby's table at APF 2014

Better late than never, right?

I’m a bit behind getting my thoughts down from this year’s Alabama Phoenix Festival. Once again, I’d like to think Tim Stacks, Steve Charleson, and Stan Daniel for inviting me to the con and taking such good care of us. Alabama Phoenix Festival was held on May 30 - June 1, 2014 in Birmingham, AL.

I was just getting over being sick at the con and had all but lost my voice, which made me a lot of fun, especially on panels. I dread hearing any of the recordings made. Yikes.  Sounded terrible. Despite not feeling
The Conventioneers Reunited!
Bobby, Daniel, and Sean
100% I had an incredible time at this year’s APF. I liked the new location, which was absolutely gorgeous. The crowd was a little lighter than last year, I thought, but there were also 9-- that’s right, 9 other conventions happening that same weekend, which might have stopped some of the out-of-towners who might have traveled to the event.

I was set up at Table #117 in Artist Alley between Mike Gordon (116) and Sean Taylor (118). Also on the aisle were Tommy Hancock, James Palmer, Van Allen Plexico, and more. The guest list was impressive and featured several friends. I won’t even attempt to start naming names here or else I’ll inadvertently leave someone off. Check out the full guest list at the APF website and visit them on Facebook.

Fat Chance screening
There was a special screening of Fat Chance at the convention as well as a concert by Radio Cult, who provide the opening theme song for the movie. It was a fun screening with a few members of the cast and crew in attendance. Sadly, none of us thought to get a group shot while we were all there. D’oh!

Here was my Panel schedule for the weekend.
Friday 5/30/14
From Comic to the Small Screen - 7:00:00 PM - Room 430
This was fun. We talked about some of our favorite (and not so favorite) comic book to TV translations.

Word Balloon panel audience
Word Balloons 8:00:00 PM - Room 407
It’s always fun talking about writing comic books. We had a great crowd with good questions too. That’s always nice.

Deviant Pictures Presents Radio Cult: LIVE! and The Alabama Premiere of FAT CHANCE - 9:00:00 PM Stage followed by the Alabama Premiere of FAT CHANCE at 10:00:00 PM Theater
I missed out on part of the Radio Cult concert, unfortunately because I needed food. After Word Balloons ended, I ran to the only restaurant within walking distance, which was a Subway and grabbed a sandwich. Caught the tail end of the concert and the screening of Fat Chance. A fun evening.

Fat Chance fans. Really.
Saturday 5/31/14
Pulp Fiction - 4:00:00 PM - Room 412
Not the movie. This was probably one of my most attended panels of the weekend, which was exciting. We talked about writing pulp, what classifies as pulp, the usual. It’s always an interesting topic.

Sunday 6/1/14
Marketing - 10:00:00 AM - Room 412
Another favorite topic of mine and another well attended panel, which is surprising for a 10 am Sunday morning panel. Those are usually dead.

With Rick Johnson and his Big Stick.
Podcasting - 11:30:00 AM - Room 403
My ESO Network co-horts Mike Gordon (Earth Station One, Earth Station Who) and Van Allen Plexico (White Rocket Podcast) joined a panel of podcasters to talk about the ins and outs of podcasting. What works? What doesn’t? Can you make money doing this? You know, the usual stuff.

If you weren’t there, you missed a grand ol’ time and I recommend you consider adding Alabama Phoenix Festival to your 2015 calendar. You’ll have a great time.

Here are a few pics from the event. Sadly, I’ve yet to find my favorite group shot on-line yet. Once I do, I’ll add it here. Click on the images for a larger view.


Big Belly Bobby

Sean, Tommy, Bobby, Mike, bo


Don't worry. I've got this.

See you next year!

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