Thursday, May 22, 2014


Art: Mark Maddox
On this monster-size episode, the ESO crew assembles a team of G-Fans to discuss the return of the King of the Kaiju! Are Mike Faber, Mike Gordon, the award-winning author Bobby Nash, Ashley Bergner, Mark Holmes, Mark Maddox, and Timothy Price enough to take on the gigantic beast? One thing’s for sure, we’re gonna need a bigger Geek Seat! Since Godzilla won’t fit in our current chair, we strap musician/creator J.R. Mounts in for some Scairy Tales. Friends of the Station James Palmer and Thomas Deja stop by to promote their new project, Betrayal on Monster Earth. Plus, coverage of the SC Comicon in the Khan Report. If that weren’t enough, we also review the season finales of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Person of Interest, and Arrow. And Shout Outs!

Join us for yet another episode of The Earth Station One Podcast we like to call: Go, Go, Godzilla! at
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Table of Contents
0:00:00 Intro / Welcome
0:04:01 Rants & Raves – TV Season Finals
0:37:22 J.R. Mounts Interview & Geek Seat
0:57:30 James Palmer and Thomas Deja Interview
1:04:17 Godzilla Movie Review
1:54:18 Doctors Geek Moment of Science
1:56:21 ESO Khan Report
2:07:56 ESO Shout Outs & Show Close

Next on Earth Station One...

ESO is the best there is at what we do, bub.
And what we do isn’t very pretty.

It’s that time again, folks. Next week, the ESO crew heads back to the theater once again to review the latest installment of the X-Men franchise with X-Men: Days of Future Past. Plus, we’ll see how well it holds up to the original comic book story it is based upon. Also, as The ESO Network of shows winds down from another fantastic TimeGate convention, we look back over the highlights from the show. Plus, ESO welcomes author D.A. Adams to the station where he braves The Geek Seat. You get all this plus the usual assortment of Rants and Raves, Khan Report, Doctor Geek’s Moment of Science, shout outs, and maybe even a surprise or two. You don’t want to miss this timey-whimey episode of the Earth Station One podcast!

ESO would love to hear from you. Did you check out the new X-Men: Days of Future Past movie? Did you like it? Want to leave a review? Let us know your thoughts at, 404-963-9057,, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Pinterest. Who knows, we might just share yours on the show.

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