Thursday, April 17, 2014


I'm not on this week, but ESO keeps chugging along...

Finally, the ESO crew has come back to pro wrestling! Mike Faber, Mike Gordon, and Nick Ahlhelm got more than two words for you regarding one of the most intense and exciting times in the history of the business. Nick, the host of the new ESO Pro podcast, falls victim to our own finishing move, The Geek Seat. We also take a moment to honor the life and legacy of the Ultimate Warrior. Plus, a preview of the upcoming Trek Trax convention in the Khan Report. And that’s the bottom line, ’cause ESO said so!

Join us for yet another episode of The Earth Station One Podcast we like to call: Wrestling in the Attitude Era at
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Table of Contents
0:00:00 Intro / Welcome
0:05:18 Rants & Raves “The Life and Times of the Ultimate Warrior”
0:32:17 Nick Ahlhelm in the Geek Seat
0:44:26 Pro Wrestling in the Attitude Era
1:37:56 Doctors Geek Moment of Science
1:39:45 ESO Khan Report w/ Eric Watts of Trek Trax Convention
1:58:33 ESO Shout Outs & Show Close

Next on Earth Station One...

Next week, The ESO crew takes a look at the history of animation from the earliest hand-drawn cartoons to the CGI shows of today. Plus, ESO brings you the usual assortment of Rants and Raves, The Khan Report, Shout Outs, Dr. Geek’s Moment of Science, The Geek Seat, a look back at 30 years of Power Pack, and maybe even a special guest or two. You get all this and more next week on an off the top rope episode of the Earth Station One podcast! Be there!

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