Thursday, April 24, 2014


Clark Wagner (Bobby Nash)
works for Natalie (Alicia Clark)
I received my comp copy of Fat Chance today. I had so much fun working on this movie. We laughed a lot. Fat Chance will be widely distributed soon. I don’t know those details as yet, but I'll post those details here when I have them.

Not spoilerish, but the screen shot below might just be my new favorite. Looks like something bad is about to go down with Clark Wagner, doesn't it?

Clark gets a big surprise!
A special thank you to Deviant Pictures' Daniel Emery Taylor and Jim O’Rear for letting me be part of Fat Chance. It was fun.

If you missed the first screenings of the award-winning horror/comedy Fat Chance in Dortmund, Germany or Knoxville, Tennessee, join us in May for the next screening at Alabama Phoenix Festival in Birmingham, Alabama! I will be on hand for this screening since I missed the last one.

Clark and Phil (Schaeffer Tolliver)
Daniel and Jim also produced The Hospital and are raising money for the sequel to that film. Daniel shared this post on social media:
Hey, Fat Chance fans - Have you been waiting for your chance to purchase the film? Are you too excited to wait for the official release later this year? Purchase the EXTREMELY limited FAT CHANCE SPECIAL! Being offered as part of our fundraising for THE HOSPITAL II, the FAT CHANCE Special includes the DVD, soundtrack DVD, t-shirt, and special Chibi-style figure of one of the main characters. And you get a thanks in the credits of THE here's your opportunity!
Clark Wagner's moment in the spotlight.
HOSPITAL II! All for $100! If you're hungry for some FAT CHANCE action,

Keep watching this space for more Fat Chance news as it becomes available.


Doing stunts. "Do I get hazard pay for this?" asks Bobby.
"Rub some dirt on it!"

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