Sunday, March 16, 2014


Author Lauren Algeo's Sunday Reading List is live and my ebook novel, Snow Falls made the list. Check it out here.

From Lauren’s post:
Good morning from a very sunny London! There are lots of great new releases and sales on this week's Sunday Reading List. The full pdf with one-click book links can be found here.


Thanks, Lauren.


About Snow Falls:
Abraham Snow is a deep cover government operative on assignment in South America. When his cover is blown, Agent Snow is shot and left for dead. Half an inch over and he would have been dead. After a long, painful recovery, Snow retires from service and takes his grandfather up on an offer to stay with him while he recuperates. He has not seen his family in over a decade.

Archer Snow has an ulterior motive. He wants his grandson to join the family business, Snow Security Consulting. Snow is skeptical. The company is owned by his grandfather, but is run by a man who doesn’t like him all that much, his father.

Persuaded to an international diplomatic conference as an excuse to see his sister, a diplomatic mediator, and brother, part of the family business, Snow becomes embroiled in an assassination plot against a visiting dignitary that puts his family in the crosshairs.

Using the special skills he learned in his former career, Snow, with a little help from a couple of friends: a FBI Agent and a former car thief, tries to thwart the assassin’s plans.

Check out Snow Falls at Bookxy here.

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