Monday, March 24, 2014


There are some announcements coming soon regarding the return of Lance Star: Sky Ranger. There’s not much we can reveal in any detail now, but in the days and weeks ahead we will release details on the following:

Not Final Cover
The 4th volume in the popular Lance Star: Sky Ranger pulp anthology series from Airship 27 Productions will be ready for launch very soon. Vol. 4 features stories by Bobby Nash, Andrew Salmon, Jim Beard, and Sean Taylor. Scott Doc Vaughn is handling interior illustrations and Felipe Eschevarria is painting the cover. Edited by Ron Fortier with production design by Rob Davis. Here's a tease of the cover.

Not Actual Cover
All-Star Pulp Comics #3 is in production now. As with issue #2, this new issue will feature a Lance Star: Sky Ranger comic book tale. This one is called “Gods of the Molten Sea” and is written by Bobby Nash with art by the dynamic duo of Rock Baker and Jeff Austin. Here's a teaser image.
Art: Will Meugniot

Keep watching this page and for launch details on each of these projects.

Lance Star: Sky Ranger volumes 1, 2, 3, and All-Star Pulp Comics #2 are still available for purchase. Click the Novels/Anthologies and Comic Books tabs at

Happy Reading, Sky Rangers!


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