Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Cover Art: Fabio Listrani
Zombies Vs. Robots: No Man's Land (featuring a story by me) makes this week's New Book Release List at Ralph's Rants.

Get ready for battle on Wednesday, February 26th when IDW Publishing’s Zombies Vs. Robots: No Man’s Land, the upcoming fifth installment in the highly popular Zombies Vs. Robots prose anthology line hits stores.

Zombies Vs. Robots: No Man’s Land, the fifth book in IDW's shambling series of original Zombies vs Robots prose collections, features fresh tales of rotting flesh and rusting metal including stories by Chris Ryall (ZVR creator), Jonathan McGoran, John Skipp, Cody Goodfellow, Mark Morris, Hank Schwaeble, Stephen Dedman, Stephen Graham Jones, and Bobby Nash with Art and Cover by Fabio Listrani and an introduction by Jonathan Maberry. Edited by Jeff Conner

IDW further expands the apocalyptic hellscape of its unique signature franchise. A world where brain-eaters roam and warbots rule is truly a NO MAN'S LAND.
264 pages, black and white, $19.99.

About Zombies Vs. Robots: No Man’s Land “The Wall” by Bobby Nash--

Surrounded by water and zombies on all sides, Mike McGinnis knows he doesn’t have a prayer to save the children in his care. Only The Wall stands between them and destruction.

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UPDATE: Here's Fabio Listrani's original cover art to Zombies Vs. Robots: No Man's Land. Cool, huh?

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