Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Art: George Salas
Sharing from Pro Se Productions' head honcho, Tommy Hancock:

REESE UNLIMITED MONTH GIVEAWAY TIME! Want a copy of TALES OF THE ROOK VOLUME ONE autographed by Barry Reese? Would you enjoy having a volume of Rook Tales by the likes of Mike Bullock, Bobby Nash, Ron Fortier, Perry Constantine, Tommy Hancock, and The Rook's creator himself on your shelf and a Reese signature in it to boot?? Then answer the following query and on Friday, Barry will pick the answer he likes best and that person will receive a free creator autographed copy of TALES OF THE ROOK VOLUME ONE!

Art: Bob Hall
FANTASY MATCH UP TIME- The Rook has fought baddies of all sorts, from Doctor Satan to Dracula and beyond. Who would be your fantasy villain to take on The Rook? Doesn't matter if they are public domain or still owned by someone, that's why they call it fantasy? Who is the biggest baddie you can think of that you've always wanted to see take on Barry Reese' masked vigilante? Make your choice well, only once please, and even explaining why or how it might go down wouldn't hurt either. Just post it to this page before Friday 12 PM CST! Let's get fightin'!


Please send your response to Tommy Hancock here, not to me as I'm not picking the winners.


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