Thursday, December 19, 2013


The End.

There's nothing quite like the feeling of reaching the end of a story and typing those two magical little words. I did a rewrite on the story I was working on, which made it better, I think. Just finished up the polish tonight and sent it off to the editor. Whew. Thanks again to my editor for allowing me a couple extra days past the deadline to do this rewrite. It is much appreciated.

Here's a taste of the story. Be aware that this one is a little more adult than some of my other stories so there is adult subject matter and adult language. Definitely not for the kiddies. You've been warned.

Also, until I get the go ahead from the publisher to actively promote it, I've redacted the character's names as this is a story based on existing characters. Enjoy.

He handed over a small envelope of cash to cover her fee.

She took it, flipped through the bills, then handed it back.


“This one’s on the house,” she said. “I got no love for anybody that turns out kids like this. I’m happy to help stomp on this asshole for free. Call it a Christmas present.”

“I appreciate it,” [The p.i.] said as he tucked the envelope back in his pocket. “So does my landlord. She might actually get her rent on time this month.”

“Miracle of miracles.”

“’Tis the season. So, who is this guy?” he asked, pointing the conversation back toward business.

“Name’s Jerry Frank. 

“Two first names, huh?” [The p.i.] snorted. “My old man told me never trust a man with two first names.”

“His middle name’s Alan,” Irma added with a smirk.

“Three first names? Yeah, this sick fuck needs to be put down today,” [The p.i.] said. “What do we know about this punk?”

“More than I want to. Jerry likes to think of himself as a talent scout. He has a real gift for finding wannabe actresses desperate enough to fall for his bullshit come on lines. He tells ‘em at first that it’s just a few tasteful nude snapshots for ads then it moves up to not so tasteful photos for private collectors. From there, with a little help from ‘something to help take the edge off’ it’s a short leap to soft core porn vids and an even shorter jump from there to hardcore.”

“Sounds like a real swell guy. He got a record?”

“What do you think?” [The bounty hunter] said.

He nodded. “I’m not surprised.”


Tomorrow, I'm back to work on Ghost Gal. There's still a lot of writing to do before the end of the year.


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