Wednesday, November 27, 2013


That's enough for tonight, I think. Today was busy. I did some graphics work, some behind the scenes work,  recorded a podcast, and managed to sneak in some writing as well. I worked on Ghost Gal tonight since the first chapter was bouncing around my brain. We open in a spooky old castle, which is always fun when writing horror. Here's a small, small sample of tonight's work. Bear in mind that this is still first draft so it's quite possible it will change before all is said and done. Enjoy.

Energy crackled through the halls of the old castle.

With each whip-snap discharge, loud, thunderous booms echoed off the stone walls that had been shipped over piece by piece from a Scottish castle the wealthy new owner had recently purchased. It had taken months for shipping magnate, Conrad Bartlett to disassemble the castle, crate and catalog each piece, ship it across the Atlantic, and reassemble it on his families land in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Under normal circumstances, such an undertaking would have been a costly endeavor, but tensions in the Atlantic were high as both Nazi and Allied forces ran their military campaigns in the region almost non-stop. If not for Bartlett’s military contract allowing him to cross the ocean regularly, reconstruction of the castle might never have been completed.

In hindsight, Conrad Bartlett might have wished that to be the case.

More writing to come in the morning. 

Sweet dreams.



Anonymous said...

I'm ready for A Haunting We Will Go!!!!

Debra ;)

BobbyNash said...

Thanks, Debra. Me too. :)
I've already started working on the plot. Look for it early 2015.

I'm hoping we can get Alexandra Holzer to Dragon Con next year. I bet she'd be a great guest.