Thursday, October 31, 2013


Tonight, I finished up my story for the upcoming The Big Bad Anthology Vol. 2 and sent it off to the editor. I'm actually a couple days ahead of my deadline, which is always nice when that happens. And just in time for Halloween too. Time for a short break to catch up on some TV. I have another story due Friday so it’ll have to be a short break.

The Big Bad Anthology Vol. 1 is still on sale, by the way. Learn more here.

Dark Oak Press’s The Big Bad: An Anthology of Evil is now available as a hardcover, paperback, and ebook (Kindle and Nook) at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Created and edited by authors John G Hartness and Emily Lavin Leverett, The Big Bad Anthology features stories from a host of authors and is suggested for mature readers.

Bobby's story in this volume is called “Lowlife.”
When Jack Sebastian walked out of prison there was nothing waiting for him but a long stretch of empty road and a long walk in triple digit temps under a blazing sun. When the old man offered him a ride he dared not refuse. That decision was the start of the longest ride of Jack Sebastian’s life.


The Big Bad: An Anthology of Evil

Everybody loves bad guys, and these are some of the baddest of them all. Forget the rules. There aren't any heroes. No one is going to save you from the wickedness in the darkness. Monster hunters can easily become the hunted. Twisted perverts can find themselves on the receiving end of their own deviant desires. No matter how big and bad someone or something may be, there is always something bigger and badder just waiting. Even the classics like a dragon, werewolf, or supernatural being can fall victim to something even more evil. Take a peek, if you dare, inside the malevolent world of super-villains, monsters, demons and just plain evil folk. Be careful, what you see there might be disturbingly familiar ...

The Big Bad: An Anthology of Evil is now available in hardcover, paperback, and ebook formats at the following:
Amazon (paperback) $12.77
Amazon (hardcover) $22.82
Barnes and Noble (paperback) $13.02
Barnes and Noble (hardcover) $23.27
Amazon (Kindle) $2.99
Barnes and Noble (Nook) $2.99

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