Friday, October 4, 2013


A few items of note...

I had a good writing day. A few thousand words, finished up a story (can't say which one yet), and worked on plots for three other stories already on my schedule. It is such a feeling of relief when you reach that part of the story where you type "The End." It's like a weight lifting off your shoulders. Then you move on to the next project because deadlines never stop. Looks like October is going to be another busy one.

If you're in the Metro Atlanta area, please join me at FoxTale Book Shoppe tomorrow night at 6:30 for the Emerging Author Book Signing Event. It'll be fun.

FoxTale Book Shoppe
105 E. Main St., #138
Woodstock, GA
Ph: 770-516-9989

My Facebook Author Page hit 700 Likes today. Thanks to all who stopped by to say hi. It is appreciated.

Check out this ad for Chimichanga Talk’s ZOMBECAST debuting October 11th where you can hear my tips for surviving the zombie apocalypse. 

I hope you have a great weekend.


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