Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Bobby, Phantom Troublemaker, Gary
Mitchel, and Noel Wood in custody.
It looks like we’ve put another fantastic Dragon Con in the rearview. Exhausted, but I had a wonderful time. I’d like to thank all those who came out to my panels, signings, podcasts, and those who simply saw me walking by and said hi. I had a fantastic time. I’d love to mention you all by name, but this would be a long post and I’m sure my swiss-cheesed brain would still forget someone.

I am still completely exhausted, but Dragon Con remains my favorite con of the year. I ran into a lot of friends and made some new ones. This was the first year where I had people recognize me from the podcast as well as because of my books. I heard this several times over the course of the 5 days I was there: “Are you the award-winning Bobby Nash?” (as my podcast co-hosts have referred to me since receiving my Pulp Ark Award), which is very weird, but also very flattering. One guy even recognized Mike and I just by hearing us talking in the food court. I must admit, that doesn’t get old.

Earth Station One puts Clasic Sci Fi in
The Geek Seat. L-R: Bobby, Mike F.,
Jennifer, Mike G, and Joe Crowe.
I recorded most of the 16 panels I was on and those should come out soon-ish from ESO, Needless Things, and The White Rocket podcasts, all part of The ESO Network. The panels were a good time. A lot of fun and a lot of laughing.

The only downside was coming back home to find a good bit of work waiting for me. Although, there are worse problems to have, right?

There were a lot of highlights. Sitting on 3 pulp panels with decent crowds at each. The seaQuest panel (with the surprisingly large audience). The G.I. Joe panel (standing room only). Meeting an actor I'd written a script for in person for the first time and getting to watch a screening of a very cool film. Being part of two great signings: one for my work and another for the launch party for The Big Bad: An Anthology of Evil, which was very well received.

Jessa Philips and Bobby talk seaQuest
DSV with a very enthusiastic crowd.
I also got to tease a couple of announcements coming this week (more on those later) and talk up Fight Card: Barefoot Bones in paperback (later this week) and the horror movie FAT CHANCE, which I start filming later this week. I was asked multiple times if my character lives or dies. Where’s the fun in surviving a horror (or some variation thereof) movie was my go to answer.

My only regret was not getting to meet Ed Asner (I wanted him to tell me I had spunk) and I was so busy I missed Lee Majors and Lindsay Wagner’s panels (I did see them though) and I once again missed Richard Dean Anderson and William Shatner completely. Darn it. In retrospect, maybe not a bad thing as I didn’t sell enough books to afford autographed photos from them anyway.
Bobby with Starship Farragut's
Captain, John Broughton

I didn't take many photos this year. That tells you how busy I was, huh?

So, even though I've hardly slept the past week, I'm still bristling with energy from Dragon Con 2013. It was a fun time and I'm already looking forward to next year.


At the screening for Star Trek Continues with Vic Mignona.

Cool costume.

The Pulse Bar is a popular spot at the Marriott
NOT a Manimal panel. Talking G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero
The ESO crew around the ol' podcast table.
Yo, Joe!
Classic American Sci fi's 1983 panel.
This happens every time I hang out with these guys.
ESO Khan Report's Darren Nowell

My people!
I caught the tail end of Lindsay Wagner's solo panel.

A fun group.
Phantom Troublemaker Vs. a Kaiju! 'nuff said.
Oh, my aching knees.  :)
ESO listener Ravyn. Her 1st Dragon Con.

Sing-a-long time: "He'll fight for freedom, wherever there's trouble..." 
The sing-a-long continues. Yo, Joe!

The Phantom Troublemaker's Security Escort.

So, can we, uh, get up yet?

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