Monday, September 23, 2013


We're having absolutely gorgeous weather here in Georgia today so I took the laptop outside to do some writing and enjoy the fresh air. As a nice change of pace, my neighbors did not decide to start cutting grass as soon as I was out there, as usually happens.

Here's a little taste of today's writing. This is for a licensed property so I've redacted the character's name until the publisher announces the name of the project. That's why it says (Our hero) where his name is used.


“What did Sayles want to talk to you about?”

“He thought someone had found him and was trying to kill him.”

“Did he say who?”

Miller’s eyes hardened as they focused on (Our hero), the man partly responsible for his life on the run. “Yes he did, Mr. (Hero). He knew exactly who was out to get him.”

“Who was it?”

“It was you!” Miller said through grit teeth.

(Our hero) couldn’t hide his shock. “Me? No. I didn’t kill him. It wasn’t me. What possible reason would I have to kill him?”

His courage bolstered by anger, Miller leaned forward until only inches separated the two men. “I might be more inclined to believe you if I hadn’t seen you standing over his dead body with my own two eyes.”


I hope you enjoyed that.
More to come.


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