Sunday, August 11, 2013


Found this image on-line looking for CT movie poster. It's pretty cool.
No! No! Not THAT
Conspiracy Theory!
I’m writing a story about a conspiracy theorist that is set in 1948. I researched the major events of that year and some of them were pretty interesting. Much like today, it was a turbulent time in the USA's history. The Cold War, communist hunts within the halls of the US government, and so much more. What really amazed me was how easy it was to piece this character's conspiracy theory together once I started looking at events with an eye toward them being connected in some way. It's kind of freaky.

FYI, this is for the same story that I posted the excerpt from last night. You can read it in the post directly below this one or just click here.

For the record, I am not a conspiracy theorist and the conspiracy this character believes to be real is completely from my imagination, but I'm having fun writing this guy and getting into his head.

The trick is not getting stuck in there.  :)


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