Friday, August 23, 2013


Host Karen Allen with Evil Ways
Last week I was interviewed for the talk show, Talk of the Town for TV channel WTV, which is the local station for Winder, GA, the city where I live. Over the course of the twelve and a half minute interview, the show's host, Karen Allen and I talked about writing, the importance of finishing a project, Evil Ways, writing challenges, and Fight Card: Barefoot Bones. Also on the show was author Creston Mapes, who talked about his book, Fear Has A Name.

The interview ran today and will go live on the internet in a few days. I will post a link when it is available. The WTV website offers live streaming, which you can see here. The episode is scheduled to re-air
Bobby explains writing challenges.
at 11 p.m. EST tonight.

I snapped some photos straight off the TV with my phone. They aren't the greatest quality, but they did show me that I should not wear a burgundy shirt on TV. Wow, but it looks really red. Fair warning, I talk with my hands so expect a good amount of gesturing.

Thanks again to Karen Allen and Christopher Childs for having me on the show.


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