Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Super-covergirl Camille Bishop
Pacesetter, The George Perez Magazine has released their 13th issue. If you’re a fan of artist George Perez this is the magazine for you. However, if you need a little more convincing, this issue features an article by our own Bobby Nash and sports a photo cover of George’s niece, Camille Bishop as Supergirl.

Bobby Nash and George Perez

PACESETTER: The George Perez #13 is now available!

After more than a year since the last issue of PACESETTER, the new issue #13 is now available. You get all that you have come to expect from PACESETTER-articles, rare and never-seen artwork, interviews, checklist, news and more...

In this issue you get excellent features by Bobby Nash and Jason Sacks along with interviews with Camille Bishop and David Anthony Kraft. This issue also has its most popular feature: the gallery section, which includes the first ten pages of the ultra rare Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band.
Perez con sketch

This magazine is a must for any George Perez fan or anyone that loves great artwork. Sixty pages, square bound, full color front and back cover and black and white interior.

You can order it at Lulu.com. It's available in soft cover and hardcover edition.

If you prefer to order directly from the publisher, prices are as follows, and include shipping and handling. (These prices are only if ordering directly from the publisher, Tony Lorenz). Tony’s paypal account is TLorenzp@yahoo.com.

$10.95 each (Soft cover) US
$21.95 each (Hardcover) US
George and Camille

$12.95 each (Soft cover) Canada or Mexico
$22.95 each (Hardcover) Canada or Mexico

$15.95 each (Soft cover) International
$25.95 each (Hardcover) International

Tony is always looking for artwork and features for future issues. If you have an idea, please drop him a line at TLorenzp@yahoo.com. If your artwork or feature is used in PACESETTER, you will not only receive credit in the issue, but you will get a free comp copy. George receives every issue. PACESETTER's motto is "For Perez Fans, By Perez Fans." This magazine is only as good as the contributions, so get involved. You can contact Tony Lorenz at TLorenzp@yahoo.com for more info on contributing or back issue availability information.

All back issues are being re-released in the larger hardcover format. So far, PACESETTER 1, 2, 4,7,11 and 12 are available in the larger hardcover format. You can order them from Lulu.com or directly from Tony.

A checklist of Pacesetter’s back issues is available here.

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