Monday, June 17, 2013


Bobby Nash and his books at Hypericon
Bobby's badge.
This past weekend I traveled to Nashville, Tennessee for the Hypericon convention. This was my first time at this show, which sported a literary heavy focus. The con was a little smaller than I was expecting, but the attendees were very much there to have a great time and they did so. The panels were a lot of fun. The standouts for me were Worst Opening Line Contest (I didn’t win - whew!), Narrative Illustration (telling a story with art, not words), and Talking Funny Books with Bobby Nash. I took a few photos as well. Click on the photos for a larger view.
Getting set up on Friday.

The guest list was very author-centric, which I enjoyed. My author neighbors in the dealer’s room where I had my table were Elizabeth Donald and Sara Harvey. Also in attendance was the Author Guest of Honor, Robin Hobb, Glenn Cook, and more. A fun time was had.

I would like to give a special thanks to my friends, Ben and Tracy Eller, the owners of World of Strange T-Shirts, for their hospitality in opening their home to me. I had a great time talking old school Marvel comics with Ben, which is always a fun topic. Plus, I got to see the World of Strange operation in action. I never knew exactly what went into printing those cool shirts. I also had fun hanging out with Aron and Adrienne Rice, who were also my neighbors in the dealer’s room as well. I had a blast hanging out with you guys. I’d also like to thank Brian Cooksey and Stephania Grimm for invititing me to the con. It was fun.

Elizabeth Donald
I was at the con on Friday and Saturday, having a family obligation on Sunday, which was Father’s Day. The ride up to Nashville from Atlanta on Thursday afternoon was a bit chaotic. A trip that usually takes four hours took me seven because of slow downs, accidents, police speed traps, bad storms, lengthy alternate routes, and Bonnarroo traffic all added to the travel time. Thankfully, the return trip wasn’t so bad.

If you like smaller, intimate cons where you can sit and talk with the attendees and guests without the pressures of a larger show, then I’d suggest giving Hypericon a shot. You can learn more about Hypericon here and here.
World of Strange's Tracy Eller
View of the Dealer's Room from my table.

Adrienne Rice

Aron Rice

Ben & Tracy and their World of Strange Shirts

Aron and Adrienne Rice and their booth

View of the Dealer's Room from my table.

Elizabeth Donald
Next: ACC July 7 Atlanta, GA
I’m home for the next few weeks, which will hopefully allow me to catch back up on my writing as I’ve fallen a bit behind.

My next scheduled appearance will be at the Atlanta Comic Convention on July 7, 2013 in Atlanta, GA, which is always a fun gathering. Learn more about ACC here and here.

I love attending cons and look forward to the next one.

See you there.


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