Monday, June 3, 2013


My book display on Sunday.
This past weekend was a blur of activity as I visited not one, but two conventions. I know, crazy, right? Together with my Earth Station One podcast co-host, Mike Gordon, I hit the road on Saturday for ConCarolinas in Charlotte, NC. A literary heavy con, this hotel-based show features some great authors. I was only on hand a few hours so I didn’t have a table set up. I ran into some great friends and even met some new folks as well. It was a fun time.

Here are a couple of photos. We were only there a short time and I was so busy talking I didn’t take many. I’ve got to start being better about remembering to snap some pics. As always, click ont he photos for a larger view.

The hall of authors. Or Author Row. I love this part of the con.

An awesome Batmobile replica and Ecto-1.
After the con, we stopped by some comic shops on the return trip to Georgia. Sadly, we missed a couple that were closed by the time we got to them. We’ll have to swing by for another visit next time.

On Sunday, Mike and I added another ESO host as Mike Faber joined us for the Marietta Comic/Anime Con in Marietta, GA. This was the first time for this particular con, although Mario Russo, the con organizer, has done other shows in McDonough and Warner Robbins. I did have a table at this con. There was a great crowd and I caught up with some familiar faces and met several new folks there as well. Even the late afternoon rain storm didn’t cool, off the con. I had a great time and thought there were some cool costumes on hand as well as some great guests that included writers, artists, publishers, podcasters, and zombies from The Walking Dead.

Some of the photos here are provided by Mark Shafer, Melodie Goodwin (who came out despite just having had a tonsilectomy - feel better soon), and MJDonline. Thanks so much for the photos. I often forget to get photos of myself behind the table.

With artist Mark Wright
Earth Station One's Mikes (Gordon and Faber)

Melodie caught my good side. That's me behind Sonic's Tracy Yardley.
My table.

Mike Gordon and his New Legend Production books

ESO's Mike Gordon and Mike Faber.

This is what my table looks like from where I'm standing.


Avengers Assemble

Captain Cold has come in from the heat outside.

You never forget your first Forbush man!

Very cool look.

Zombies ont he left, June Brigman drawing on the right.

She was just too adorable.

I smell a smackdown brewing.

Another nice duo.

Loved their costumes. Great job.

I know that guy.
Both shows were a blast. If you’ve not had the opportunity to check out either show, you should give them a look next time. I think you’ll have a good time.

Next week I’m off to Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC on Saturday, June 8th. The following week I will be in Nashville, TN for Hypericon.

If you’re at either show, please stop by and say hello.


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