Thursday, May 30, 2013


Cover A: Paul Niemeyer
Art: Reno Maniquis
I didn't work on the first issue of Moonstone Books' new Domino Lady/Sherlock Holmes mini series, which is written by New York Times Bestselling Author Nancy Holder with art by Reno Maniquis and colors by James Brown. The cover is by Paul Niemeyer.

However, I did co-author the second issue with Nancy Holder, which picks right up where issue #1's cliffhanger ending leaves off. Issue #2 should be available a month from now.

About Domino Lady/Sherlock Holmes #1 (of 2):
Join NY TIMES best-selling author Nancy Holder in this 2-part murder mystery set against the backdrop of ancient Egypt!

Cover B: Paul Niemeyer
Domino Lady and Sherlock Holmes team up to solve the riddle of the Sphinx…ok, not really, but they do solve this riddle of passion, identity, and antiquity!

Domino Lady/Sherlock Holmes #1 comes with 2 covers.
Check out the standard cover here. $3.99
Check out the logo free variant cover here. $5.99

Pasted below are a couple of pages from the book as well. Click for a larger view.


Art: Reno Maniquis

Art: Reno Maniquis

Issue #2 cover art: Mark Sparacio - coming soon

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