Saturday, May 4, 2013


I love my job.
How's that for mixing Free Comic Book Day and Star Wars Day?  :)

For Free Comic Book Day 2013 I visted The Rock Shop and Galactic Quest in Buford, GA. I also stopped by A World of Heroes, but sadly don't have any photos from my stop there. 

I had an absolute blast meeting some truly amazing people today. I had a great time, as I'm sure you'll see from the photos below. How did you spend Free Comic Book day this year?

First up, my visit to The Rock Shop.
Chatting with the cosplayers

Artist Mark Wright and Supergirl Alisa

Artist Dean Trippe.

Mark Wright

When Supergirl met The Doctor

Nice, busy store.

Dean Trippe skecthing


A gathering of heroes and villains

Take 1: photobombed by Stan The Zombie.

Take 2. He's still behind me, isn't he?

Take 3. I like this one the best.

Captain Cold suddenly regrets his decision to crossover to the Marvel Universe.

A cool shot.
 And then I moved on over to Galactic Quest's Buford store.
Finally caught Will's good side.  :)

Lysa Shin, Will Beerman, and Jim Ritchey

Playing a rousing game of "Where's Sean?" with Sean Taylor

Rick Ruby creators Bobby and Sean show off their Pulp Ark Awards.

Yeah. We're proud of 'em.

Erik Burnham signing and sketching

Lysa Shin sketching

Erik before he heads over to Galactic Quest's other store.

Hanging with Sean Taylor, Jim Ritchey, Lysa Shin, and Erik Burnham.
Thanks to all who helped with these, and other, Free Comic Book Day events around the world.


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