Thursday, May 23, 2013

Earth Station Who Episode 39 – The Name of the Doctor

The final episode of series seven is also the first part of the Doctor’s 50th anniversary special! Mike Faber, Mike Gordon, Phantom Troublemaker, the award winning author Bobby Nash, and Jonathan Thomas ( find themselves on Trenzalore facing the Great Intelligence that is Steven Moffat. Though some questions were answered, the ending was a game-changer and only one thing is for certain – it’s going to be a long wait until November 23rd!

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Next on Earth Station Who... Live from TimeGate, it’s ESW!


This will be my final episode of Earth Station Who for the foreseeable future as writing deadlines make being on 2 podcasts full time all but impossible. However, Mike Faber, Mike Gordon, and The Phantom Troublemaker will continue with new episodes. Next week they will review the TimeGate convention in Atlanta, GA over the Memorial Day Weekend. After the, ESW returns to it’s every other week schedule until new episode resume. I look forward to listening to the episodes.

I am still a co-host on the Earth Station One podcast, which continues weekly.


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