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Bobby's table

Bobby was on hand for the 2013 Alabama Phoenix Festival in Birmingham, Alabama on May 24 - 26.

I cannot say enough good things about this convention or the people who run it. There are a lot of cons out there that could learn a thing or two about running a show from Tim, Steve, Stan, and their team. These guys know how to take care of their guests and make sure everyone is taken care of and that anything we need we're covered. I've worked cons where I never even see the people running it. At least once a day (usually more) I saw all of them, not to mention Maree, who handles the marketing. Just a great group.

As for Friday night, oh my goodness, I cannot remember the last time I laughed that much. And, as so many things are, it's all Sean Taylor's fault. If you've not seen the footage from the author guests doing Who's Line Is It Anyway? you will if you keep scrolling. Van, Sean, myself, and the other guests might right fools out of ourselves... and loved every minute of it. On Saturday, we performed the old time radio show, X-1. That was another fun panel too.  However, I am beginning to grow concerned that Sean keeps assigning me female roles to perform.

All in all, this con was aces. I'm going through the photos now and will have something posted to my website sometime today. I had a great time. Thanks to all who came out to the show and said hello.

Here a few photos.

Learn more about The Alabama Phoenix Fest at


It just wouldn't be a convention without a little tomfoolery, or in our case, seanfoolery(TM).

Sean Taylor

Bobby's table
Van Allen Plexico
Van and the Avengers Jeopardy winner
Rick Johnson
Madman with a box

So adorable. "Drink me" before and after.

Bobby's table o' books

ESO listener Mike Seals and his son

Sean Taylor made a wonderful new friend
The Author's Marketing Panel

This is just trouble waiting to happen.

Bobby in black

Who ya gonna call?

Don't call her "Princess Cupcake"

We had several time travel options this weekend

Heroes assemble

Legendary comic creator and funny guy, Allen Bellman

Mike "Howdy" Gordon

Charis Taylor and her assistant/brother Evan Taylor

Bobby Nash and Sean Taylor were joined by authors Charis Taylor (yeah, they're related) and Van Allen Plexico.

Bobby, Charis, Sean, & Van.

Sean Taylor hosted the evening festivities as Van Allen Plexico, Kimberly Richardson, Allan Gilbreth, Allen Hammack, M.B. Weston, and Bobby Nash were tortured, tormented, and embarrassed. Rumor has it that Sean has started sleeping with one eye open after this event.

Thanks to Mike Gordon for the photos.

Want proof of just how much fun we had? Let's go to the tape!
Just click the link for the goodies.

Sean and Bobby were joined by writing duo L.R. Barrett-Durham and E.G.Glover. They discussed writing as a team and their respective projects. Sean and Bobby shared the story of how they created The Ruby Files.

Bobby Nash and Sean Taylor at Alabama Phoenix Festival

Yes. Bobby talks with his hands.

Good friends Josh and Ali had their wedding in front of the TARDIS to a packed house of family and friends. Congratulations to them both.

You may kiss the bride
You can watch it here.
And the local news covered it too. Click here to see that story.

Congratulations to Josh and Ali.

While there, Bobby and Sean couldn't help but take this photo with the stand up of their friend, Geoffrey Gwin, accompanied by their signature line, of course. If you've ever been to this show, you've probably heard the story. If not, ask Sean or Bobby next time you see them at a show.

And finally, just a few other shots from the weekend.

The Gwin gets no respect.

Evan fears The Gwin!

We're popping out for dinner. Be back 5 minutes ago.

Avengers Jeopardy

Avengers Jeopardy

Avengers Jeopardy

A ghostly Ghostbuster

Gil Gerard doing his best Geoffrey Gwin impression

Daniel Emery Taylor

Jim O'Rear

Allan Gilbreth, M.B. Weston, and (oh, her name escapes me at the moment)

Charis Taylor... and unidentified fan. :)

Mike Gordon

Patrick Giles

Geoffrey Gwin

This blog needs more Geoffrey

James and Jennifer Hill

Lysa Shin and Abigail Beerman

Sam Flegal

Rick Johnson

I told him to pose like Superman. He was a bit shy.

Chris Fason.

Time to go home. My ride's here.

Thanks again to the staff, crew, and all involved with the Alabama Phoenix Festival. A special shout out to Steve, Tim, Stan, and Maree for taking such good care of us. You put on a great show.


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