Tuesday, March 5, 2013


So nice to have a restocked convention table again. Also, the return of the dead guy outline.

I spent the weekend at the Con Nooga convention in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

I had a fantastic time at the convention. I would like to take this moment to say a big ol’ thank you to all the great folks who stopped by my table and the panels I was one to say hello. I’d also like to thank Robby Hilliard and his staff for running an absolutely fantastic literary track.

Bobby & the ESO Mikes.
Here was my Con Nooga Panel schedule--
11:00AM - Pulp Fiction: The return of the pulps! What defines it as pulp?
NOON - Plotter or Pantser? Using Outlines - Pros and Cons - discussion and workshop
1:00PM - Social Media - Platform: dos and don't for writing
3:00PM - So You Want To Be a Writer?
8:00 PM - What's My Plot? A No Holds-Barred Plot off! Challenge our authors with an idea and see who comes up with the best plot! (The most fun I think I had all weekend)
The only way to travel.
9:00 PM - What makes a Genre a Genre? Elements of different genres

12:00 PM - Writing Believable Dialog - discussion and workshop
1:00 PM - Creating Believable Characters - discussion and workshop

All of them were gems and I, along with the other guests had some great conversations on the panels. Speaking of the other guests, I can’t say enough good things about the great folks I got to hang out with this weekend. As always, I had a great time with my Earth station One cohorts, Mike Gordon and Mike and Judy Faber. Plus, my frequent con-neighbor and Ruby Files co-creator, Sean (the love monkey -don’t ask. You had to be there) Taylor, con-daughter Charis Taylor, John Hartness, Andrea Judy, Stephen Zimmer, M. B. Weston, James R. Tuck, Dan Jolley, Shane Berryhill, Ed Crandell, D. A. Lewis, Michael D’ambriosio, D. A. Adams, Lysa Shin, K. S. Daniels, Kimberly Richardson, Andrew Toy, Ben and Tracy Eller, the fabulous Alan Gilbreath (you really had to be there), and I’m sure I’m forgetting some others that I’ll remember after I post this.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend. Please click on them for a larger view.

I’m looking forward to next year’s Con Nooga.


My table

Andrea Judy, Stephen Zimmer, Andrew Toy

The zombie Girl Scouts were so adorable.

K.S. Daniels

D.A. Lewis, I don't know her name, M.B. Weston, & Kimberly Richardson

I call this one, "Where's the bathroom?"

ESO's Angels. "Shut the blastdoor! Shut the blastdoor!"

Cool, but creepy costume display.

Another satisfied customer.

He knows what evil lurks at the Choo Choo.

The convention center

Welcome to Earth Station One.

The name's Ruby, Rick Ruby.

Awesome costume.

Hello, ladies.

Two Mikes, no waiting.

"Everybody, say 'Bobby Nash is an asshole!'," says, Sean Taylor. And they did. :)

The Force is strong with these two.

It's moidah, I tell ya, Moidah!

You will know her name.

The convention center right before the snow starts falling.

Hmmm... What have we here?

At long last, the return of the scene of the crime.

Getcher yer books! Getcher red hot books!

Always nice to meet Domino Lady fans.

TARDIS: the next best thing to the ESO space station.

I couldn't pass up the opportunity for this photo.

ESO says "Howdy!"

Who dat?

All the writers must be on panels. :)

View from my table.

Oh, damn, I'm wearing a red shirt in space. NOOOOO!!!!

Stephen Zimmer

Ready for a pulp adventure.

Bobby and Stephen Zimmer
Look for more photos coming soon.

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