Saturday, February 9, 2013


I am excited to announce that I will be writing an upcoming Fight Card novel under the Fight Card Books house name of Jack Tunney. I’ve been very impressed with the books that Paul Bishop and Mel Odom’s Fight Card Books have released and am honored to join the ranks of talented storytellers who are producing some of the best fight fiction ever.

Coming later in the year will be my novel, Fight Card: “Barefoot Bones.” Although still in the early stages, the novel will tell the story of the man known as “Barefoot Bones” from his less than stellar beginnings in the deep south where he learned to fight out of necessity. Then came a fateful encounter with Father Tim at St. Vincent's in Chicago taught him the sweet science of boxing. And from there to a battlefield in Korea where the stakes had never been higher. The one constant in Bones’ life has been fighting. Lucky for him, he’s good at it.
Also available from Fight Card Books.
Fight Card: Barefoot Bones
A novel by Bobby Nash
Coming soon!

As always, I’ll post more information and updates here as they become available.

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Tom Stedham said...

Awesome! I look forward to reading this.

Bobby Nash said...

Thanks, Tom. I'm really excited to join the Fight Card team. They put out some great reads.


Derrick Ferguson said...

Cool! I'll be eager to read this!

Bobby Nash said...

Thanks, Derrick. I'm eager to read yours as well.