Thursday, January 17, 2013


Working on my story for the upcoming The Ruby Files Vol. 2 today. Still in the early stages of the story, but here’s a taste. FYI. This is the raw first pass with no edits as yet so it could change.

The manager didn’t want details. He just wanted whatever tomfoolery was going on to stop. He had actually used the word “tomfoolery,” which had made Rick laugh, although he quickly covered it when he realized that the man wasn’t kidding.

He had instructed Rick to “get the goods” and “shut them down” by any means necessary without disrupting the hotel’s clientele. Keeping things quiet was important. That was why he had come to The Ruby Agency instead of the police.

Coming 2013
The Ruby Files Vol. 2
Featuring stories by Sean Taylor, Ron Fortier, Alan J. Porter, and Bobby Nash.
Illustrations by Nik Poliwko
Look for a Cover Artist announcement soon.

Cover Art: Mark Wheatley
Of course, I'd be remiss if I didn't take this opportunity to mention that The Ruby Files, Vol. 1 is still available in paperback and ebook. You can find it at the following retailers:

Airship 27 Hangar ebook
Amazon (paperback)
Indy Planet (paperback)

Airship 27 Direct (paperback)


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