Tuesday, January 22, 2013


It's blurry, but it's me standing behind Kevin Bacon.
Bobby as Agent Edwards
I hope everyone caught my brief, but blurry moment on FOX's The Following last night. No worries, if you missed it, FOX is re-airing the pilot on Friday, January 25th. Plus, I'm posting the photos here. I also saw my car in the parking lot of the command center, which was cool. Plus, I was on set for many of the scenes in the pilot, even if you don't see me.

Created and written by Kevin Williamson (Scream, The Vampire Diaries), The Following stars Kevin Bacon (he of 6 degrees of... fame) in his first starring role in a TV series, along with James Purefoy as serial killer/cult leader, Joe Carroll (Rome). Also part of the cast are Natalie Zea (Justified), Jeananne Goossen (Alcatraz), and Billy Brown (Sons of Anarchy), Shawn Ashmore (X-Men), and Maggie Grace (Taken).

In The Following, I played FBI Special Agent Robert Edwards (I got to come up with my characters name for the FBI badge and ID. I'm pretty sure I'll have him show up  in one of the Harold Palmer thriller novels down the road. Not sure if there's space for him in Evil Intent as it's well into its story, but you never know. Characters have a strange way of showing up where we least expect them. Just ask Sheriff Tom Myers, who appears in three novels I've written (one, the aforementioned Evil Intent, is still in process) and I've got an idea for a solo story for him as well. Not bad for a character that, when originally created, was never going to be used more than once. The mark of a good character, when he won't let you forget him.

Meanwhile, I'm into day two of my new day job. I feel very lucky to work with some very friendly people and so far so good. Still a bit to learn and took the plant tour today, which was nice. The company bottles perfumes and aerosol products so I spend my days talking about perfume, which is a new experience for me.

And here's my desk, which I'm getting set up. 

Well, it's been a long day and I'm beat. Going to catch up with some TV shows on the DVR and veg.


Meet FBI Special Agent Robert Edwards
Another shot of me from The Following.
Posing for a shot before turning in my badge and gun at the end of the shoot.

Agent Edwards walks... a lot.

FBI Agent Edwards' badge and sidearm
My desk in my new office at the new day job. I wish I had dual monitors for writing.

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