Saturday, December 22, 2012

Transmissions From Atlantis Presents Armageddonpalooza 2012

Bobby joined the Transmissions From Atlantis special Armageddonpalooza podcast.
Note: This Episode was NSFW and parental guidance is STRONGLY suggested.
It’s a little funny when you come up with the idea of a live show you think it’s the coolest thing in the world. Then when all hell breaks loose, you have technical difficulties and things don’t go exactly as you envisioned (see alcohol and podcasting don’t mix) it turns into a funny, weird experience.
Armageddonpalooza 2012 was envisioned as a big party to ring out the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar, celebrate another doomsday prophecy that failed and just have fun with some of our favorite guests.
This show did not disappoint. We had a cast of thousands (thanks to performer Joe Bev) who talked about a variety of subjects including but not limited to:
The End of the World Theories, The Mayan Prophecy, Doctor Geek’s Laboratory, Joe Bev’s projects including Comedy-O-Rama, Favorite Disaster Flicks, The Hobbit, a preview of the Doctor Who Christmas Special, Doomsday Prepping, the Year in Who and much, much more.
Plus, you have to stay to the end to hear how pitifully drunk JC got. Let’s all laugh at his stupidity and take it as a lesson that drinking and podcasting is dangerous.
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Our Guest List included:

First Hour
Doctor Scott Vigue (internet’s Doctor Geek of Doctor Geek’s Laboratory of Applied Geekdom)
Chris Harrington (Mister Flask of Doctor Geek’s Laboratory of Applied Geekdom)
Joe Bev and Lorie B. Kellogg (Waterlogg Productions)

Second Hour
Josh Wander (Founder of and a featured Prepper in the Nat Geo television program Doomsday Preppers)
Tom Martin (Founder of American Preppers Network)
Mike Faber (Creator of the Earth Station One podcast and the ESO Network)

Third Hour
Mike Faber, cont’d
Bobby Nash (Author of novels and comics, and co-host of the ESO Podcast)
Mike Gordon (Chief Editor and Publisher of New Legend Comics and co-host of the ESO Podcast)
Ken Spivey (Lead Singer of the Ken Spivey Band and the creator of the Tampa Bay area’s best Doctor Who convention TimeLordFest)

Join us for all the fun!

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