Saturday, December 8, 2012


Art: Rock Baker/Jeff Austin

Art: Rock Baker/Jeff Austin
I’m working on the Domino Lady novel tonight. I’ve posted a small taste below. This is just first draft so it might change before all is said and done. Fight scenes are fun. The real trick is making it sound interesting and still flow quickly like a real fight.


“Have you ever considered that I might have you right where I want you?” Domino Lady asked.

“And where is that?”

“Close enough to touch,” Domino Lady said. Before he even registered the move, she spun and lanced out with a spinning kick that caught [SPOILER] squarely on the side of the head, knocking him off balance. She followed the spin with a judo blow to the wrist that relieved the man of the shiny .45 he was so proud of. Then, Domino Lady brought her elbow around and connected with the same side of his face she’d just kicked, smiling at the satisfying crack of the impact. That one had cost him some teeth.


So? Choreographing a fight scene is a bit tricky at times. I’m twisting around and reenacting the fight to make sure it all lines up and makes sense, which I’m sure is quite hilarious if anyone was to see me doing it. Yet another reason I don’t run a webcam. Scary.

Art: Uwe Jarling
I hope you have a great weekend. Me, I’ll be here working on finishing up the Domino Lady novel so I can get it off to the waiting hands of my editor, who has been more than patient with my schedule thanks to some other deadlines and projects that have crept up.

I’m having fun with this one. I think Domino Lady works well in a political thriller, but of course, as the above sample indicates, she’s still a butt-kickin’ pulp hero.

Moonstone also announced today that issue #1 (of 2) of the Domino Lady/Sherlock Holmes comic book is scheduled for April 2013. This two-part story is written by my friend and co-author, Nancy Holder. I worked on issue #2 with Nancy. I assume it will be out in May. I’ll keep you posted on that. The full story can be seen in the post directly below this one.

Art: Paul ?
Domino Lady and I seem to be a good fit, which thrills me. I think she is a great character and I have fun writing her. In fact, I suspect I'll be doing at least one more novel with Domino Lady teaming up with another character, but that's still on the drawing board so fingers crossed. I think it could be a fun story though. Have to run it past my publisher.

Today was a fairly productive day of writing, considering I didn’t get started until early evening. Almost hit 2,000 words of fiction, but soared well above that with all the other writing-related work I did today. Those behind the scenes things are important even though they don’t always count toward finishing the story.

Time for a little TV to decompress before calling it a night.

Sweet dreams.


PS: None of the art posted here is for the Domino Lady novel.


-> Ray said...

The more DL, the better. I really enjoyed your work with her so far.

(You might want to change the wording in the sample, to "relieved the man of the shiny .45 of which he was so proud.")

Bobby Nash said...

Thanks, Ray. Glad you're enjoying the Domino Lady stories. I have a blast writing the character. She's a lot of fun.

Like I said, this is a first draft pass. I haven't given it an edit polish yet, much less actually gone through editing yet.