Tuesday, December 4, 2012


The holiday season is abuzz with ads for e-readers, tablets, and other book reader devices. That means that there will be a whole new crop of readers looking for ebooks come late December and into the New Year.

This week, some sites promoted books and ebooks and both of those feature some of my books and I wanted to share. Of course, you can find links to various booksellers for each of my titles in the tabs above.


Author John Scalzi is doing a Holiday Shopping Guide on his website this week. He is allowing authors and editors to post information and links to their books on his site. I just posted a few of my titles there this morning.

Here’s how his topics are scheduled this week:
Monday: Traditionally Published Books (I have some on this list):
Tuesday: Non-Traditionally Published Books (I have some on this list too):
Wednesday: Other creative works (music, crafts, art, etc)
Thursday: Fan recommendations
Friday: Charities


Another list comes from New Pulp Author Lee Houston, Jr. at The Free Choice E-Zine website. The lists includes Nightbeat: Night Stories, The Ruby Files, and EarthStrike Agenda as well as several great books by talented creators.

You can read Lee’s complete list of recommended New Pulp reads here.


The Earth Station One Podcast, of which I am a co-host, released their annual Holiday Geek Gift Guide. There are some really cool items on there that will make excellent gifts for yourself or your loved ones.

You can listen to Earth Station One Episode 139: The 3rd Annual Holiday Gift Guide here.


Please stop by and check out the various links at each site.

Also, please visit BEN Books for more information on my novels.

Merry Christmas!


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