Sunday, December 16, 2012


I had a great time talking Star Trek with the Delta Quadrant Podcast crew tonight along with my Earth Station One cohorts, Mike Faber and Mike Gordon. A fun conversation as we reviewed a good Star Trek Voyager episode called “Macrocosm.” This episode gave Captain Janeway, played by Kate Mulgrew, a chance to stretch her sci fi action muscles as she fights off a horde of invading parasites that have taken over Voyager and incapacitated its crew.

I’ll let you know when the podcast goes live.

Thanks to the fine folks over at The Delta Quadrant Podcast; JD, Matthew, Melissa, and Ben for having us on board. I’d also like to welcome them to the network as The Delta Quadrant Podcast joins The ESO Network.

I also had a busy work day. No writing, but spent the day doing production work to get the next Lance Star: Sky Ranger comic book ready for press. Not to give away too much, but I spent the day creating Lance Star pulp covers. Fun stuff. Will post some of the fruits of my labors soon.


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