Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Not The Cover!
On the his Facebook page, Pulp 2.0 Press publisher Bill Cunningham posted the following tease about an upcoming project.

“I am putting a book series together called JUNGLE GIRL ADVENTURES featuring photos, comic panels, posters and 3 short stories from Bobby Nash, Ian Watson, and Michael May. It's a celebration of all things jungle girl. It also features a gallery of jungle girl pinup photos from the Donald F. Glut archives. What I have found is that the jungle girl subgenre has a long history in films, tv, comics and pulps -- something that has been forgotten in mainstream media.”

Jungle Girl Adventures features my story, Primal Instincts introduces Dr. Petra Alexander, a new character created specifically for this project. Petra is a scientist who, according to reports has “gone native” in the jungle she now protects and calls home.

Princess Pantha
Bill also posted a cover image of a jungle girl cover, Princess Pantha. I used that image to make a placeholder for the website so I’m sharing it here as well. It is not the actual cover.

Learn more about Pulp 2.0 Press at

I’ll post more news here when it becomes available.


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