Thursday, November 8, 2012


It's been awhile since I've posted an update on projects so this seems like as good a time as any. Things have been rather busy at the world headquarters of Bobby Nash, Inc. (HA! HA!) I'm very excited that the re-release of Evil Ways (my first published novel back in 2005) is now out and available. Even more exciting is that it is available as an ebook for the first time. These things make me happy. Scroll down a couple posts to read all about Evil Ways (or click on the Novels tab, whichever suits ya).

As we rocket toward the end of the year, that means I'm moving at warp speed toward some deadlines. The Domino Lady novel for Moonstone is proceeding apace, which is good as it has a December 1 deadline. Must type faster. After that wraps, I have a short story to finish that's been on my plate far too long.

Then it's back to work on Evil Intent, the second book in the new Harold Palmer Thriller series that starts with Evil Ways. I'm a good 51,000 words into that one so a little better than halfway. In this one, Harold Palmer and the Joint Terrorism Task Force are on the trail of a domestic terrorist who is himself out for revenge against Agent Palmer and his partner, Agent Carter Reidling.

Evil Intent takes me into 2013, but that doesn't mean I get to rest (unless that whole cockamamie Mayan prediction comes to pass). After Evil Intent I have two other novels already started that need to be completed.

Blood Shot is a thriller featuring Washington DC Homicide Detective Catherine "Jacks" Jackson and Secret Service Agent Samantha Patterson on the trail of a villain with the ability to turn ordinary people into killers. And the President of the United States is on his hit list. I've been killing off a lot of characters in this one.

Lance Star: Sky Ranger "Cold Snap!" is a pulpy action adventure set in World War II. Lance and the Sky Rangers take on a mission for the War Dept. to find and destroy a Nazi weapon's base in the Arctic. Looks like the Nazi's have built themselves a giant freeze ray. I love writing this pulp aviator hero. He's fun.

Then, it's time for a new game as Atlanta PD Detective John Bartlett and journalist Benjamin West reunite to track down a serial killer on the loose in Atlanta. The killer, dubbed the "Thief of Hearts" cuts out the hearts of his victims and takes them as trophies. When he discovers that the famous detective, John Bartlett has been assigned the case, he ups the ante and challenges Bartlett to stop him before he kills again. This one is loosely plotted and I have the cover idea in my head. Looking forward to revisiting these characters. I haven't picked a title yet so for now it's being referred to as Deadly Games! 2.

Beyond that is a Rick Ruby story for The Ruby Files Vol. 2, plus another story for the next Blackthorn anthology, and a few other projects I might be able to get started. Plus, there's always room for those unexpected projects that crop up.

Looks like the next few months are going to be really busy.

I'm looking forward to it.


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