Wednesday, September 12, 2012


It's been awhile since my office was this clean and orderly. :)
Oddly enough, I get this question quite often. It has been a rather hectic few weeks here at Casa de Nash with writing projects, podcasts, book signings, editing, aching backs, and Dragon*Con (OH MY!), but things are starting to get back to normal-- or as close to normal as things get around here. HA! HA!

I'm happy to announce that I received word yesterday that a short story I submitted to an anthology was accepted. That's always good news to receive. I'll post more information on the project as soon as the publisher says it is okay to do so. I'm doubly excited because this will be the first time I'll get to work with a friend of mine, himself a talented writer. Should be fun.

Edits have been turned in for the Evil Ways novel. Evil Ways was my first published novel. It was released in 2005 and that edition has gone out of print. There are a few copies floating around out there, but otherwise it's pretty hard to find. New Babel Books has acquired the rights to Evil Ways and a (slightly) revised edition will be released soon. As soon as I have in store dates I will, of course, post them here. Evil Ways is the first book in a thriller series featuring FBI Agent Harold Palmer. Plus, I still need to do some tweaks on the cover.

In addition to putting the finishing touches on Evil Ways, I'm also deep into writing the second book in the Harold Palmer series, Evil Intent. I just passed the 45,000 word mark on Evil Intent and am making good progress on it.

I've been bouncing between Evil Intent and the as-yet-untitled Domino Lady novel for Moonstone Books. I hit a snag on the story and had to do some rearranging, but I think the story works better now. Hopefully, my editor will agree.

My writing schedule for the rest of the year is filled with mostly novel work as I try to get back on track and get some projects off my to do list that have been there for longer than I would like. The Evil Intent, Domino Lady, and Lance Star: Sky Ranger novels are my focus. After that I'll start on Deadly Games! 2 (not the actual title) and do a couple of novellas into 2013 before finishing up the novel, Blood Shot, which has been sitting at almost 66,000 words for awhile now while I work on other projects. I'm really looking forward to finishing that one. I think it has series potential as well. We'll see what happens. Hopefully, there's a publisher out there that will agree.

Plus, I have been busy with my podcasting partners at The ESO Network. Earth Station One tackles different topics each week. Earth Station Who focuses on Doctor Who. It airs every other week, except when new episodes of the series air (like now). I'll be on to review the new episodes and pop in from time to time for other episodes and topics. The ESO Dragon*Khan Report podcast records its 2012 finale this week as we do a convention postmortem on Dragon*Con 2012. Check out all of the ESO Network podcasts at I'll also be recording an episode of the PULPED! podcast this week to air next week in concert with the release of an anthology featuring a story I wrote.

Somewhere in all of that I try to find time to read, eat, watch TV, and sleep.

I guess I should get back to work.

Have a great week.


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